Neck Liftin Boston

The neck is often one of the first areas of the face to reveal signs of aging, and unlike other body areas, it cannot easily be toned or sculpted through diet and exercise. Fortunately, an experienced neck lift surgeon like Dr. Min S. Ahn can restore the youthful contours of the neck and jawline in a way that rejuvenates the overall facial appearance.

Experience Matters in Neck Lift

The key to beautiful and natural-looking results with neck lift is to work with a highly experienced surgeon. Dr. Ahn is double board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and head and neck surgery, making him one of the best trained facial plastic surgeons in the nation. Not only has he dedicated his practice solely to procedures of the face and neck, he regularly takes continuing education and training courses to stay up to date on the latest advances in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Ahn’s dedication has allowed the surgeon to refine his surgical technique and develop a neck lift approach that produces superior results with minimal incisions and downtime. With Dr. Ahn, patients can expect to look like a refreshed and younger version of themselves.

Ideal Candidates for Neck Lift

Dr. Ahn evaluates potential candidates individually to assess their aesthetic concerns and goals, and to determine whether neck lift is an appropriate solution. Neck lift is appropriate for patients with:

  • Loose, saggy skin on the neck and underneath the chin caused by sun damage, genetics or the natural aging process
  • Submental fat (“double chin”)
  • Noticeable muscle banding or vertical lines on the neck
  • Wrinkled neck skin

Neck lift can be performed as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with a minilift or facelift. A facelift and neck lift procedure is ideal for patients with noticeable signs of aging on the middle and lower facial areas and/or on the neck. Dr. Ahn works closely with patients to develop the details of their treatment plans so that they achieve the more desirable outcomes.

More About Neck Lift with Dr. Ahn

Dr. Ahn performs neck lift at his private, office-based surgical suite, a state-of-the-art facility accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO). To ensure the patient’s full comfort, intravenous sedation is administered prior to surgery. Not only is intravenous sedation safe, but it minimizes some of the risks associated with general anesthesia and often leads to a quicker and easier recovery.

During the neck lift, Dr. Ahn will create a small incision below the chin, in a crease, and around the earlobes. He tightens the underlying platysma muscles by suturing them together using a “corset” technique. If necessary, he will remove excess fatty deposits and sculpt the remaining fat to create a smoother and firmer contour. Excess skin is trimmed and the remaining skin is draped over the tissues to smooth out wrinkles. This advanced neck lift technique, which Dr. Ahn has perfected during his many years of practice, leads to noticeable yet natural-looking improvement in the neck contour.

Recovering from Neck Lift

The initial recovery period for neck lift takes approximately 10 days. During this time, patients must rest with their head elevated as much as possible. Some post-op discomfort and soreness are normal, and can be managed with prescription oral pain medication. Dr. Ahn and his staff will regularly meet with patients for follow-up appointments to ensure they are healing quickly and properly.

To learn more about how neck lift with Dr. Ahn can help restore beautiful and youthful contours to your neck and jawline, please schedule a consultation. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.