Mini Lift Anesthesia(“Twilight Anesthesia”)
in Boston

Dr. Min S. Ahn and his team maintain the highest standards of safety and care when treating patients. Thanks to Dr. Ahn’s minimally invasive surgical technique, he is able to perform all surgical procedures under intravenous sedation. Also known as “twilight anesthesia,” IV sedation is considered by many surgeons to be safer and gentler than general anesthesia, as it eliminates some of the side effects, risks and downtime associated with the latter. Administered by trained and experienced board certified anesthetists, IV sedation with Dr. Ahn allows patients to remain asleep and comfortable during their surgical procedure.

About Intravenous Sedation (“Twilight Anesthesia”)

IV sedation involves administering a mild sedative and anesthetic medication through an intravenous line. This form of anesthesia puts patients in a light sleep, commonly referred to as a “twilight state.” With IV sedation, patients are able to sleep and breathe on their own, eliminating the need for a breathing tube. Thanks to the combination of the sedatives and anesthetic medications, patients feel no pain during surgery and have no recollection of it. Unlike with general anesthesia, patients put under IV sedation wake up quickly and easily, and experience little to no lingering side effects after.

The Benefits of IV Sedation

  • Patients are completely comfortable and are not aware of any aspect of the surgery
  • No ventilation (breathing tube) required
  • Reduced side effects associated with general anesthesia (e.g., nausea, vomiting)
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Quicker recovery time (no prolonged grogginess)

Your Safety and Comfort Are Dr. Ahn’s Priorities

Although safe, IV sedation may not be for everyone. Dr. Ahn and his team take every precaution prior to recommending IV sedation. His team will evaluate the patient’s complete medical history to ensure this method of anesthesia is appropriate.

All surgeries are performed at Dr. Ahn’s state-of-the-art office-based surgical suite, which is fully accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO), an accrediting agency for hospitals and outpatient surgical facilities. The morning of surgery, the patient will be assessed once again by our anesthesia team before IV sedation is administered. Patients will be monitored at all times during surgery and immediately after to ensure the safest and most comfortable experience.

After surgery, patients rest in our private recovery suite, where our team monitors their vitals. Patients wake up soon after their procedure, feeling very little drowsiness or other side effects. Nevertheless, patients need to arrange for a ride home as they are not cleared to drive for 24 hours after their procedure.

To learn more about intravenous sedation, or the surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures Dr. Ahn offers for facial rejuvenation, please call or email his office today.